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Tentative Schedules!

Tentative Schedules!

We are excited to release our TENTATIVE schedules for the 2020 season.  Please remember that schedules are not final until tryouts are complete – but these will give you an idea of what to expect. 11-12’s SCHEDULES 13’s SCHEDULES 14’s SCHEDULES 15’s SCHEDULES 16’s SCHEDULES 17’s SCHEDULES 18’s SCHEDULES TRAVEL LIGHT SCHEDULES Concord Tentative Travel… Continue Reading

What To Expect from CUVC

CUVC is dedicated to training players at every level of the game. When players understand how to perform the essential skills at a high level the game becomes more enjoyable and becomes a life-long passion. Our training is designed to help every player master each skill in a way that will allow her to constantly grow and develop her abilities. We focus on training muscle memory through repetition, enhancing each player’s Volleyball IQ through specially designed drills and situational instruction, and teaching players to play with a commitment to excellence in everything they do!

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