CUVC Beach

IMG_5837Our Beach program is centered around training.  We have a dedicated training staff led by Dylan Mulkey; who will oversee the growth and development of each player in the program.  These aren’t drop in training or playing sessions; if you are in the program, be ready to work and improve your game on a daily basis because Dylan and our staff love to train! Read more about them to the right!

Why Play Beach?
Beach Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, especially when you consider its growth as an NCAA sponsored (and scholarship) sport!  This is for a number of reasons.  The first is for the game itself.  Unlike the indoor game where you play in a more position specific role, you have to do it all in the Beach game!  It is constantly active, requires mental focus, stamina, and ball control, and creates a more individualized challenge for each player.  But it’s also grown because players are seeing that it is a great way to improve your indoor game; one of the best ways, in fact.  Beach players have to improve their ball control, their shot making ability, and, most importantly, their ability to read the opponent.  As a consequence of having to cover an entire court with two people, players have to learn to put themselves in the right position long before the ball is attacked; so their volleyball IQ tends to improve rapidly!  Last, Beach is a lifelong sport!  Beach is a sport played by people of all ages because it is challenging, it is outdoor, and it is a lot easier on the body long term than hard court sports.  And really, who doesn’t love to spend the summer on the sand?

So whatever your reason is for playing, come hit the sand with us and grow this great game together!

Why Choose CUVC Beach Program?

You want to know who your coach is going to be every week?  You want the most experienced Beach Staff in the region?  You want to be trained in a program that builds from session to session in a way that will challenge every player to continue to improve?  You want more than a “drop-in” experience? Then our Beach program is the only one for you!  Dylan understands the balance of training and playing that is required, and he understands how to train the game and won’t let up!  Come learn from the best!

Coach Mulkey has been involved in the beach game for nearly 30 years, including serving on staff at the 1996 Beach Olympics!  He has played at the open level for 25 years!  Dylan is well respected in the outdoor community as an excellent technician and an outstanding teacher.  As an indoor coach, Dylan was an assistant coach with the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, and was also the head coach of the men’s club team.  In addition to his collegiate and beach experience, he has been responsible for CUVC being the first club in Charlotte to have a boy’s indoor team.  In just a year and a half, the boys team has travelled all over the east coast, winning multiple tournaments.

Inclement Weather Policy
Generally, we will not cancel due to rain, but will cancel if there is a threat of lightening.  We will make the decision by 4:00 pm on the day of training unless the weather starts up after that time.  If a sessions is cancelled we will email out all participants.  While we will attempt to add make-up sessions, there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so