Program Descriptions

In 2020, we are excited to be offering several different levels for our Club Program – Premier, National, Semi-National/Regional, Travel Light and a Boys Program at 3 different facilities.  Please click on the above program tabs for more information!

What sets CUVC apart?

Why we exist: To develop individuals to be passionate about life through volleyball.
What we value:
      Integrity: Doing things the right way
      Development: Training a growth mindset in our players and coaches
      Passion: Being wholly invested in the moment

Training Centered Practices led by coaches with over 30 years of College Coaching Experience. One of the benefits of having a staff that has college and USA coaching experience is that it gives us a unique training perspective. Led by Abbi Hayes, our Director of Player Development, all of our practices involve skill development, competitive training between teams, the opportunity to work with multiple coaches and players from different teams and age levels, and a focus on being great teammates!

We have full-time coaches whose primary jobs are training and player development, which allows us to take a big picture approach to every practice session. We focus not just on what the player needs right now, but also on where she will need to be 6 months or two years from now. This also allows us to encourage our kids to be risk takers, to be willing to make mistakes, to go for it! Our goal is not just to win matches and tournaments, it is to help every single player develop the skill necessary to help her achieve her goals and dreams!

Safe training environment: We have the Charlotte region’s only State-of-the-Art Orthopedic Subfloor that sits underneath our sport court. Our young ladies have noticed a huge reduction in the impact that their knees, hips, shoulders, and shins feel when they hit the floor. This allows more and better quality training opportunities for all of our players! In addition, we have a physical therapist that we work with that is on call when necessary, and provides training staff to be at most practices.

College Placement: In the last six years alone, we have sent over 100 players on to play at the collegiate level. Glenna Bianchin, who coached at Marshall for five years, is our Recruiting Coordinator. Her primary job is to guide players and families through the recruiting process; this includes assisting in contacting coaches, giving guidance to players and families on good collegiate fits based on their abilities, answering questions players have, and serving as the main point of contact for College coaches.

In addition, we utilize a state-of-the-art search and contact platform which allows players to select schools they are interested in, to post video on their profile page, to email schools directly, and also allows the recruiting coordinator to “tag” schools that she believes are a good fit for players and to communicate with college coaches and players through that platform.

One Big Club: Regardless of the team that a player is on, she is part of a much bigger family. Our 18’s work with our 13’s, the 14’s will cheer on the 16’s, and you’ll regularly see multiple coaches on different benches throughout tournaments helping in any way they can. We support each other in everything we do; improving the performance of our young ladies, and helping them get more comfortable from year to year with our program!

Benefits of Team Travel/Team Stay
We believe that one of our main jobs at CUVC is to help players get a sense of what college is going to be like.  Obviously, we can’t mimic dorm rooms or the amount of hours players will spend with their teams on the court, in the weight room, and in film sessions, but Team Travel/Team Stay allows us to give players a taste of what being on the road is like.  Team Travel/Team Stay puts our athletes into situations they will face in college: Being with your team 24/7, having to share a room with other players, having to find time to do homework in a hotel room, having to work through conflict with teammates without being able to leave with their parents.  It also allows players to get to know each other in ways that only come from spending every waking moment together.

Coaches love team travel because it puts the focus of the entire weekend on the team, and the team alone.  It allows us to have more team talks after great days and tough days alike.  It also allows coaches the freedom to set up team functions without worrying about other people’s schedules.

As directors, we also love team travel because it brings kids from various teams closer together.  Teams routinely spend time at courts of teams from around the club, and it creates an environment that isn’t possible otherwise.  Our kids are members of CUVC, regardless of which team they are on, and we are always amazed with the bond that forms from player to player and team to team when we travel, stay, and eat together!

Team Travel Explained
For any tournaments that are marked as Team Travel, that means that the team will travel together, stay together, and eat together.  If travelling by bus or van, players will be given a departure time from our main facility.  When teams are flying together, they will be given a time that they are to meet at the airport.  Families should always plan to arrive 15 minutes early, and parents are encouraged to wait with their children until the group departs.

Many meals will be team meals, but there will also be times in which the players are on their own (for example, if the team is in a “mall” type setting in which there are multiple options, we allow players to disperse in groups and grab food).

Team travel allows parents multiple options.  The first option is to stay home that weekend, which allows families to save hundreds of dollars.  Travelling with a family can be expensive when you add up travel, hotel rooms, and food for a family.  For example, a family of four could easily expect to spend $1000-1500 for the JVA World Challenge in Louisville ($500 for hotel room, $200 for travel, and $300-$800 depending on your eating choices).  Our estimated cost per player for this bus trip is between $350-$450 (depending on our final rooming list and food cost).

The second option is to attend, and enjoy the freedom that comes from not having to have your kids in bed by a particular hour, or get them to the court by 7:00 am, or figure out how to get them fed in between matches, or work your schedule around team dinners, and so on.  It’s a great chance to come and be a fan!  And, if you come solo and room with another parent friend, you can still save money!

Team Stay Explained
In team stay situations, players get to the tournament however they see fit, but once on site they will stay with their team in hotel rooms, eat all meals with their team, and so on.  It is similar to team travel except that we do not arrange the travel for all of the teams.  Players whose parents choose not to attend frequently ride with other families who do attend, or in rare instances they will ride with a coach.

The reason for utilizing team stay rather than a full team travel is that some tournaments are close enough that we anticipate more families travelling (Knoxville, Atlanta, Raleigh, etc.), so the added cost of buses or team vans isn’t needed.  As players arrive at the hotel they will check in with their coach and at that point they are on team travel “rules” until their final match or reffing assignment of the weekend.

How are we billed for Team Travel or Team Stay?
We will give you an approximate cost in the weeks leading up to the trip, so that you can prepare for that.  After we get back and all of our bills are compiled and tabulated, we will invoice your account directly and you can either pay online or by check.  In some instances (often where a flight is included), you will be invoiced ahead of time for a portion of the travel cost.  Invoices will be due two weeks after they are issued.

Team Travel invoices are handled the same way that invoices are handled.  Checks or cash must be received 3-5 days in advance of the DUE date on the invoice as the due date is when Credit cards will charge if you have auto payments selected.  If auto payments is NOT selected, then you have to log into your account and pay online.

If I travel to the tournament, can my daughter ride home with me?
Yes.  Players can ride home with their parents once their team is finished with all matches and reffing assignments.  This is not required, however, and many players choose to ride home with their team (and it is highly encouraged).

How much money should we send with our kids for team travel?
We recommend that players bring a minimum of $50 per day on team travel trips if they are bringing cash.  As stated above, sometimes the situation at a playing site or near a hotel is better suited to eating in small groups rather than full team meals.  While we try to have as many team meals as possible, it doesn’t always make sense.  This also allows for some spending cash if teams do an activity.  No player will ever be asked to contribute money to any of the regular team travel things (transportation, team meals, hotel cost).

Our Premier teams attract the top players from the greater Charlotte region and beyond who want to play volleyball at the highest levels.  These teams will compete against the best competition both within the region and, depending on age, throughout different parts of the country.

Players who compete for one of our premier teams will be placed primarily based upon their ability and will not be restricted by their age.  This allows the best to play with the best, and as players reach for the collegiate placement it will allow the most talented and hardest working players to reach the highest levels that they can!  Our goal is to put these players in positions in which they must compete both in practice and in matches against other top players and teams so as to showcase what they can do!

Players selected for our Premier teams are selected by a group of coaches, not just their individual head and assistant coach.  We believe that the more eyes that are on players the better evaluation we will be able to get on each athlete.


  • One per Age Group
  • Consisting of the top players in the greater Charlotte region and beyond
  • Travel throughout the East Coast and Midwest (possibly West Coast) to play the best competition in the country
  • Ages 16-18 focus on College Prep; includes weight training program, increased practice requirements, travel around the country, multiple Team Travel and Team Stay events and competing in Open at Qualifiers, the JVA World Challenge, and National Championships.
  • Ages 13-15 play the best competition, players being groomed for College Prep, players focusing on learning to grow as individual players and learning to win
  • Season runs from November through June (or possibly July) for U13-U18,
  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule (team travel is not included in the base fee).
    • U12-U14: $1600-$3200;
    • U15-U18: $2900 – $3500

Our National teams attract the top players from the greater Charlotte region and beyond who want to play volleyball at the highest levels.  These teams will compete against the best competition both within the region and along the east coast.  Players on a National team will be placed in an intensive training environment designed to push each player to reach her full potential and achieve her goals.


  • One or Two per Age Group (U13 and up)
  • Consisting of some of the top players in the greater Charlotte region
  • Travel throughout the East Coast and Midwest to play against other top teams
  • Ages 16-18 focused on College Prep; may include weight training program, two-three practices per week.
  • Ages 13-15 play the best competition, players being groomed for College Prep, players focusing on learning to grow as individual players and learning to win, two practice per week and Skills Training throughout the year
  • Season runs from November through June (or possibly July) for U15-U18, November through April for U13 and U14 with the possibility of extending the season through June
  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule (team travel is not included in the base fee):
    • U13-U14: $1800-$3000
    • U15-U18: $2800- $3400

Our Semi-National and Regional teams are designed for competitive players in the greater Charlotte region who want to improve their game by competing against other travel teams throughout the Carolinas.  These teams provide an excellent chance to compete and train within the same structure as the National and Premier teams.  Players who train hard and develop routinely advance to National and Premier teams in the following years, and regularly go on to lots of success with their high school teams!

Semi-National Highlights

  • One to Three per age group
  • 3-5 Multi-day tournaments and 3-4 single day tournaments, travel kept within a four-hour radius for two and three day tournaments
  • Practice twice a week
  • Offered for the U12-U17 age levels
  • Season runs from November through April
  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule.
    • U12 – U17: $1800 – $2300

Regional Highlights

  • One to Three per age group
  • Mostly single day tournaments with one local two day tournaments and no overnight stays
  • Practice twice per week
  • Offered for U12-U16 age levels
  • Season runs from November through March
  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule.
    • U12-U16: $1300-$1800

This will be our fourth season offering our one of a kind Travel Light program.  It is specifically designed for 17 and 18 year old players who, generally speaking, have decided not to pursue playing at the collegiate level, but want to keep their skills up for future playing opportunities (high school or club in college) and who want to still play at a competitive level.  This program is also designed for players with rigorous class schedules and those who have jobs. This program has attracted many top level players in the area, and teams have won multiple tournaments in the Carolinas!

**Please note that a $200 Non Refundable deposit is required at the time of Travel Light tryouts (in addition to the $30 Tryout Fee).  The deposit will be returned if you are NOT offered a place on a team.  If you are offered a team placement and ACCEPT then the deposit will go towards your team fees.  If you are offered a team placement and DECLINE – then your deposit will NOT be returned.

Program Description

  • 17’s and 18’s teams ONLY, multiple teams
  • Mix of single and two day tournaments throughout the Carolinas
  • Practice twice per week right after school (4:00 – 5:30)
  • For competitive players with tough school schedules, who want to work, and who probably aren’t going to play in college.
  • Season runs from December through March
  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule.
    • U17-U18: $1100-$1300;

The 2020 Season marks the beginning of our 6th Season with a Boys Program and we are very excited about the growth we have seen already and will continue to see in the future.

The Boys Program is directed by Dylan Mulkey (2017 AVCA Coach of the Year) who has been an active player an coach in the game for nearly 30 years, including serving on staff at the 1996 Beach Olympics!  Dylan is well respected in the outdoor community as an excellent technician and an outstanding teacher. He was an assistant coach with the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, and was also the head coach of the men’s club team.  In addition to his collegiate and beach experience, Dylan has been responsible for CUVC being the first club in Charlotte to have a boy’s indoor team.  In just 3 years, the boys team has traveled all over the east coast, winning multiple tournaments and ended their 2017 season ranked 17th in the country.

  • Approximate Cost: Final costs are dependent upon length of season and tournament schedule (team travel is not included in the base fee).
    • Premier: $1700-$2300;
    • Semi National: $1400-$1700
    • Regional: $1000-$1400