Click on your team page for rosters, payment schedule and tournament schedules. Team Player contact information can also be found via logging into your League Apps Account.  From your Dashboard – scroll down to My Players Activities and click on team name – players are listed in the column on the right – click on players name for contact info.

Volley Recruits Registration can be found HERE.

Carolina Regional Schedule Information:

Playing sites are not posted until about 2 weeks prior to tournament dates.

You can go to and click on the Point System Pools in the top right hand corner – Select Juniors, then select the date from the column on the left – then select your team age/WEST and scroll through until you see your teams pool..

Non Regional Tournament Schedules

Advanced Event Systems

Sportwrench (Big South Qualifier)

Practice Shirt Schedule:

Sunday – Navy
Monday – Orange
Tuesday 5:30 – Grey
Tuesday 7:30 – Orange
Wednesday Main – Navy
Wednesday IT and Concord – Grey
Thursday – Grey

Inclement Weather Information for Tournaments:

Please note the following inclement weather policies.  Tournament information or changes will be communicated to teams by coaches. Club practice changes will be noted here and via email.

Carolina Region Weather Policy