Fall Programs

2019 Fall Registration is complete – check back for 2020 Info

Our Fall Programs offer an opportunity for our players of all ages to get focused skill training in order to help them improve their overall play and get them ready for the club season.  Click on each Tab below for a description and registration for each program. All Fall Training Clinics and open gyms are held at CUVC’s WHITEHALL Facility – unless otherwise noted.  All Registration changes need to be emailed to Tara at tspurgeon@carolinauvc.com.

The Youth Academy is the perfect way to introduce younger players to volleyball. We have the equipment and facility that is ideal for younger players. Parents can expect their child to learn volleyball basics as well as general athletic movements. Sessions will include skill training as well as competition with the academy culminating in a tournament.

The Middle School Training Academy is a great way to train skills during the week leading up to tryouts. Players can expect to train position fundamentals as well as small group train with other positions. This is a great place to start for beginners or players newer to volleyball.  

All Camps and Clinics are held at the CUVC Main Facility

The focus of our Position Training is to maximize individual skill development at a player’s preferred position.  Players will get focused and high intensity skill development under some of the best coaching in the region.  Each Saturday we will focus on developing a different aspect of a player’s position so that they are prepared for club tryouts come November!  


Focus By Position:


Squaring up, proper finish, jump setting, setting with alternate tempos, attacking on the second ball, single leg spin-setting, setting away from the flow.


Proper shoulder rotation and hand-ball contact, hitting to alternating locations, hitting off-speed shots, hitting cut shots, hitting cross body shots, hitting high and deep, hitting off of the blockers hands, passing, transitioning from passing and defense to attacking, inside out footwork, blocking.


Hitting quick attacks, hitting left and right out of the middle, hitting off of a one-foot attack, hitting first tempo sets from all hitting zones, being available on non-perfect passes, blocking from pin-to-pin, transitioning footwork.


Passing, platform angles, passing footwork, adjusting between top spin and float serves, reading the server, digging balls in front, digging balls that require emergency floor moves, front collapse moves, reading hitters.


Led by Abbi Hayes and Nic Allen, the HS Training Academy is a great way to train skills during the week leading up to tryouts. Players can expect to train position fundamentals as well as small group train with other positions. It is an ideal way to get training in leading up to club tryouts.  

The perfect follow up to our HS Fall Academy. Players can expect to focus on gaining overall strength as well as work on conditioning, speed and agility, and jump training.  

Open Gyms are a great opportunity to experience the people at CUVC’s Main Gym as well as our one-of-a-kind facility, including our state-of-the-art Orthopedic Subfloor!  Several of our coaches, including our Directors and National Team Recruiting Coordinator will be in attendance and will be available to answer any and all questions from both players and parents.  No pre-registration is required, but please feel free to sign-in once you arrive.

Refund Policy: Up to two weeks prior to session starting – 85% refund.  Within 2 week of Session starting –  50% refund.  Session start date or after – No refunds will be given.