Private Lessons

To schedule a lesson you may contact any of the coaches below. If you are not sure who best suites your player, then please contact Abbi Hayes and she will set you up with an appropriate coach.

Coaches Available for Private Lessons
John Brannon (Director, CUVC);
Abbi Hayes (Director of Player Development, CUVC, 17-1’s);
Jon Lowenhagen (Former Assistant, South Carolina;) –
Nic Allen (Club Coach); 916-223-3730;
Kelly Derby (Club Coach, Former Player, ECU):
Britney Held (Club Coach, Former Player UNCC):
Leah Leventhal (Club Coach, Former player, UNCC): 
Jacqui Spurgeon (Club Coach; Former player, ASU.):
Jay Correll – (Former Assistant UNCC; USAV High Performance):
Chad Vought (18’s Coach);
Mike Merriam:  (17’s Coach) 803-448-7115,
Stacey Webster: (17’s Coach) 765-479-4073;
Linda Walters: (17’s Coach)

Lesson Rates:

Rates vary from $55-$85/hr for a 1-1, and Start at $45/hr. for a 2-1, with reductions in price for more players.  Please contact coaches directly for their hourly rates.